I … you

17 mart.


I miss you, and your cutest laugh

I miss you, with your sweet red hat

I miss you, `cause your voice is not enough

And only the thought of losing you makes me sad.

I dream of you, upon that highest peak

I dream of you, killing my worst fears

I dream of you, then feel like a creep

`Cause only you can stop my river of tears.

I feel for you, since way too long to tell

I hear of you, painting in your garage

I pray for you, wanting to be your shell

I can see you, or is it just a mirage…



2 răspunsuri to “I … you”

  1. david martie 17, 2017 la 15:00 #

    I missed you, and your cutest posts 😊

    • Laura O. martie 20, 2017 la 07:57 #

      Thank you for not giving up on me and my blog 🙂

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