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I’d paint the grey sky blue

30 oct.


„I’d catch some stars for you
and just for you
I’d paint the grey sky blue
and just for you
so don’t tell me you want the rain
from a cloudy sky”

(The Cardigans – Cloudy Sky)


wings of steel

18 apr.


“Laughter is the language of the soul.”
(Pablo Neruda)

Take your time

7 apr.


„I can’t wait to see your faces
I can’t wait to hold your hands
I can’t wait to take you places
And watch you try to understand
But until I do
Yeah, until I do
I’ll be right here waiting for you”

(DAUGHTRY –„Lullaby”, lyrics)

under the Umbrella

8 mart.


…drops and rain…

Some kind of sadness

2 feb.

IMG_5679.JPG-1„The sight of so many ruins destroys any desire to build shanties; all this ancient dust makes one indifferent to fame.”

(Gustave Flaubert)

Scăldat în lumină

6 ian.

IMG_4112.JPG-1Orașul meu superb pe înserat…

Take control of your camera

15 dec.


„Fotografia este scoaterea la iveală a ordinii din haos.”

(Ansel Adams)

Citește în continuare

Today`s detail

8 dec.

IMG_3355Mi se pare fantastic să privesc diferite arhitecturi prin perdeaua copacilor…

Hotel Traian la puterea a 2-a

7 dec.

IMG_2006Din categoria știați că:

                                         arhitectura celebrului Hotel Traian din Iași este realizată de și mai celebrul Gustave Eiffel?

City lights

25 nov.


„Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.”

(Catherine O’Hara)


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More than just pushing the button

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More than just pushing the button

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"Don't stop dreaming unless your dream is stupid"

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